Things You Can Do After Baby’s Birth

Coming back from hospital with a cute little angel make any girl feels something never did before. This is the time when you get another responsibility on your shoulders. Now you are the guardian, helper and of course mother of a little baby who totally dependent on you and for more information about these relation visit God gives you the responsibility of that child who is totally helpless without a mother. When that baby will grow up he will ask how he looks like. What you used to do when he was born? Makes this time memorable and gather all the memories because this time is never going to come back. Well here are some the things you can do with a newly born baby:

Writing The Whole Story

You have just given birth and came back to home. Everything in your mind is totally fresh. Why don’t you give all these scenes a proper shape of a story? You can write the whole story in your own words. Of course this is your first time and first ever feeling. It would be special so grab it and store it in your diary. This is going to be a very interesting thing. Actually, giving a birth to a child is not forgettable neither you are going to forget it. Don’t you? Write it down and keep it safe.

Capturing The Pictures

As it has been said above that you need to capture the moments and save it. Your child will definitely ask for it. The best way is to take pictures. Your child will change colors and grow up really fast. The best time when you should start taking pictures is the first week. Every week take pictures. Your baby is evolving in these days and soon he will open eyes and will see. Don’t you worry if you do not have much money for photographer? You are living in modern era. Do it by yourself with your cell phone camera. It is the best way. You need to keep this in mind that the pictures have a backup storage. In case of loss your memories will not loss.

Paperwork For Your Birth Child

It is an important and serious part. You need to make it sure that all the paperwork is done.  You need to go for the insurance company and make birth certificate as well. If you do not have idea about it  then go for the guidelines available on the internet.